Abidjan Hotel Experience

DSCN2182_16x12Whilst images like the one on the left here may easily attract new customers, it would be better if hotels would just publish some honest images of their offer. We were advised a nice apartment, air conditioned and proper, not even for a nice price (70 Euros per night). The following are some of the close up pictures I took before we left the apartment, a long time before our scheduled departure.

Do not look if you have just finished eating.

Thing is, people do not know how to really finish an apartment or hotel room. Even more weird is, that when it is concerning their car, they know exactly how to finalize each and every detail.


The plastic bath tub was so thin I was glad nobody of 100 Kg+ had been a customer before me.


Bathroom tiles spontaneously drop from the walls.


A toilet seat would have been nice for the huge sum of money we paid per day.


The most logical place to store the tiles that have fallen from the walls would be underneath the toilet.


Nice to know all the different colors of soap that previous customers have used, but who thinks of a basin like this that will fill up with water every time one takes a shower?


Curtains need to be fixed only when they fall on the ground. Nice paint job by the way 🙂


This did not come from Ikea, it was probably delivered without instructions. We did not use the closet for fear of it actually coming apart.


Cleaning is an underpaid job here. I appreciate that, but the owner should know better.


Thankfully the apartement came with a second toilet.


Do not forget to wash your hands after you use the toilet, hygiene comes first!


A clean kitchen with modern equipment.


Luckily the sink was stainless steel.


The instructions for what to do when you break something in the kitchen.


The kitchen must have been done by the same plasterer as worked the bathroom.


A close look wll show how clean the kitchen really was.


A traditional west African kitchen does not do without this. I think, however, traditional people do clean these.


Be my guest and try this one!

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