Arrival in West Africa

Day #4 in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. Wow, these have been busy days. A lot of new experiences, new impressions. A lot of new odours. Some heat.


Celine enjoying herself in the airplane.

The flight was uneventful, KLM/Air France was proper, the new security methods in Amsterdam proved efficient. To enter Ivory Coast we did have to wait some one hour in line, but then it was smooth. Nice detail was that after luggage collection they actually verify that the luggage is yours before you are allowed to take it with you.


Celine and Paul buying bottled water.

Outside we were greeted by Paul, an old friend of Celine. He took us to the hotel. As shown on Facebook already, the view at night was nice, in daylight the next day it was interesting.


That first night we spent at an Abidjan Maqui, a small local restaurant. The lamb was grilled on the other side of the street, the temperature was nice and the atmosphere was nice. And the meat was really excellent.


Our meat being grilled on the street.

The next two days we spent looking for a new car ……

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