Bouaké Côte d’Ivoire

As we had to do some checks and fixes to our brand new freshly from Holland imported 14 year old RAV4 we managed to actually leave way later then we had anticipated. Therefore we did completely ignore the formal Dutch ministry’s travel advice (link) and left for Bouaké late in the afternoon.

The road from Abidjan to Yamoussoukro is not that bad. It is a toll road (two times 1250 FCFA) with two times two lanes and no illumination. Initializing our new car we made speeds between 160 and 180 km/hour (where 110 is allowed) and did make good progress.

The road from Yamoussoukro to Bouaké is another story. Next to the absence of road signs until you find the right road, it is not maintained. Pits of up to 30 cm deep and two meters wide are all over the road. Without illumination, that is the real danger on that road. Thankfully our friend Paul did the driving for this part of the route and we managed to arrive around 22:00 hours.

Arriving in hotel “Mon Afrique” was a nice surprise as the pictures below do show. After a good dinner in the city center we enjoyed a good night of rest.




This hut is actually our room here. It is a traditional “Case” as the local people still use, except this one is with airconditioning and bathroom ……

One thought on “Bouaké Côte d’Ivoire

  1. Kadijk

    Avontuurlijk. Begrijp het niet helemaal van de SUV. Imported, van jezelf? Straks verkopen? Anyway idee van je verslag, begin ik een beetje te vatten. Be careful out there.

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