Thank you extremely “religious” people

Thank you all those within Mali who think that they will win anything by targeting, executing or abducting western visitors to the country. For months now we have followed the latest news and every time something happened we thought we would be able to still visit Mali because we would evade the dangerous parts of the country, the dangerous people and would just stay close to our relatives. Until the day before our scheduled departure.

It was the owner of the hotel itself, in Bamako, who finally convinced us not to go. We called him for a status update for the different routes from Bobo Dioulasso to Bamako when he told us about the latest attacks and the resulting tension in the city. We were not able to find any mention of these attacks in the western media, but the attacks were in and around Bamako last friday. A local supermarket where western visitors were taken hostage because of the color of their passport.

Until that moment we would have reasoned that away as incidents, but it was when the owner admitted that for the moment, he himself, is not leaving his house and hotel, nor are his relatives, that we decided not to take that much risk.

Therefore: thank you extremists, for spoiling what should have been the highlight of what has otherwise been a fantastic holiday. Salaam aleikum!


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