Transport by zem in Benin

After the lovely experiences in Bouaké in Ivory Coast and Lomé in Togo of driving amids swarms of motorcycles I have had the pleasure of driving a car in Cotonou, Benin. Actually, the other car drivers are much more patient here then they were in, for instance, Abidjan. I am as of yet unsure which is worse in terms of motoswarms, Lomé or Cotonou, but people here tell me that Ouagadougou and Bamako will be even worse.

This makes driving a challenge, though so far we have only seen one accident and then only after it happened. For cars in Africa we have already seen about 5 happen in front of us so far and many more some time after the event.

Anyway, a normal taxi is hard to find in Cotonou, but the ZEM (taxi-moto)(click for details) is everywhere and cheap. As the entire country was out of gasoline last night (as was the country of Togo) we decided to go for a zem-ride.

Quite an experience and very nice in these temperatures!





One thought on “Transport by zem in Benin

  1. Anna

    Hmmm, dat verhaal over ongelukken stemt me niet echt gerust.
    En achterop zo’n motorfiets? Tja, als de bestuurder een beetje bekwaam rijdt……

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